Green company has signing contact with Japfa company for supply water treatments plant 400m3/day

On day 23/11/2020 Green company has signing the contact with Japfa company for " Designer and construction and equipments intallation and operation hand - over" of The supply water treatment plant  for Loc Thinh 1 sow farm ( 72.000 sows) at Binh Phuoc province. Invesment by Japfa comfeed Viet Nam Co.LTD, The capacity of supply water treatment plant is 400m3/day. Water supply for the supply water treatment plant is rain water and wastewater after treatment by WWTP meet QCVN62:2016-BTNMT. 


- Investor by :  Japfa Comfeed Viet Nam Co.LTD.

- Project : The farm of 72.000 sows

- System  : Supply water treatment plant , Capacity 400m3/day

- Location : Loc Thinh commune, Loc Ninh District, Binh Phuoc province

- Standard of water meet : QCVN02- BYT/2009/BTNMT