Green company has signing contact with Anh Vu Phu Yen company for WWTP 400m3

On day 26/04/2021 Green company has signing the contact with Anh vu Phu Yen company for " Designer and construction and equipments intallation and operation hand - over" of The wastewater treatment plant  for project' The center Phu Yen parent pig at Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province. Investor by Anh Vu Phu Yen Co.LTD, the capacity of wastewater treatment plant is 400m3/day. The quanlity of wastewater after treatment meet QCVN62:2016-BTNMT, class A.


- Investor by :  Anh Vu Phu Yen Co.LTD.

- Project : The farm of The Center Phu Yen parent pig

- System  : Wastewater treatment plant , Capacity 400m3/day

- Location : Aetroll commune, Song Hinh District, Phu Yen province

- Quanlity of wastewater after treatment meet : QCVN62:2016-BTNMT, class A