Consultant service and Environmental Management, incuding:

-  Consultant Environmental Management Procedure

•  Management consultant and propose environment treatment solutions for Factories, Enterprises so that they can save cost of investing and cost of environmental treatment.

•  Consultant the producing process for more cleaner to minimize the environment impacts and minimize the cost of environmental treatment during the production process.

-  Consultant for making procedures of Environmental Regulations

•  Consulting for making environment impacts.

•  Consulting for making environment protecting Commitments.

•  Consulting for environment protecting Schemes

•  Consulting Waste-generator registration, collecting- transportation, waste-water treatment.

•  Consulting Environment Monitoring Periodly.

•  Consulting Discharge Permit into water.

•  Consulting for Exploitation Permit and using underground-water source.

•  Consulting for Underground-water exploration drilling permit and report water preserve