Supply-water is indispensable in daily activities and process of human. Depends on differences needs, occupations, fields that differences characteristics, supply- water quality.

The needs of using supply- water from client. Our company is the supplying services unit such as: Consultancy, Design, Installation, Repairing-Upgraded, Mantenances…for supply-water treatment system as below:

-   Supply-water for living:

·      Treatment Wells- water, underground- water.

·       Treatment Salted-water, Alumed-water

·       Treatment supply-water for restaurants, Hotels.

·      Treatment supply-water for hospitals.

·      Treatment for Bottled-water.

·      Treatment supply-water for living in factories, Enterprises.

-   Supply-water for Production:

·       Treatment supply-water for Pharmacy processing.

·       Treatment Supply-water for Food Processing, Berverage processing.

·       Treatment Supply-water for Seafood Processing.

·       Treatment supply-water for Industrial Area.